Social Media Marketing

Want make Awareness of your product or business in the Social Media? Azonicz will help you in achieve the goal. We will maintain the Repo and Reputation on the social Media and take your business to another level. We handle Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There are some Plans where you can choose the best Service of Social Media Marketing


Starting At₹10,000/Month

Facebook, Instagram,Twitter Business

Target reach up to 2000–4000 per month


Starting At₹15,000/Month

Facebook, Instagram,Twitter Expert

Target reach up to 4000-8000 per months

General FAQ

Most commonly asked questions. Please call or chat with our expert if your question is not listed below

Social media has played a central role in people's lives for many, many years now. It changed the way people acquire information and shook the world of marketing to its core. Yet many business owners and skeptical marketers are only starting to catch up. Better late than even later. Admittedly, though, there is a good reason for doubting Social Media Marketing: it brings many questions with it.
Social media is where your target audience is. Apart from maybe a couple of rare exceptions, people of all ages, interests, and social-economic statuses are on social media. Every popular Social Media platform has a bigger reach than all TV channels combined.
Measuring social media ROI is one of the biggest frustrations of business owners and one of the most frequently asked questions about social media. Fast Company reported that 88% of 750 surveyed marketing professionals didn’t feel they could accurately measure the effectiveness of their social media campaigns. Truth is, social media has direct and indirect effects that are impossible to measure perfectly. But so are many PR and marketing efforts!
Many business owners are lost between believing they need an SMM specialist and not wanting to pay someone to "just go on Facebook". So first, let's write down what should Social Media Marketer actually do: -Manage a publishing calendar; -Schedule posts; -Curate content; -Monitor brand mentions and keywords; -Engage with customers and partners (i.e. reply to all comments, reviews, questions on Social Media); -Review analytics and determine next steps; -Follow up with connections and on projects; -Run experiments to optimize social media posts.
You should post relevant content that is interesting and/or entertaining to your potential customers. Sounds hard? It really isn't, if you know your target audience. Imagine you are selling home and kitchen appliances. What is your target audience interested in? In how all these things work; what coffee maker is the best one; why in the world would you need a rice cooker. Besides, maybe, in recipes, nutrition advice, and so on.