Whats App Marketing

Whatsapp Marketing is the Best way to make the business popular on the Social media. Whatsapp not only supports the text but also Image, Videos, PDF and audio as well this is the best way to communicate or make the Business or Website Popular. Nowadays every person is using the whatsapp and bulk of people can be targeted on this Platform. There are many Plans, you can make choose of plan which you want for your Business.


Starting At₹14000

Submission Starter

14p COST @ 1 LACS


Starting At₹60000

Submission Business

12p COST @ 5 LACS


Starting At₹50000 onwards

Submission Expert



Starting At₹ 35000

Delivery Starter

35p COST @ 1 LACS


Starting At₹ 165000

Delivery Business

33p COST @ 5 LACS


Starting At₹ 150000 onwards

Delivery Expert


General FAQ

Most commonly asked questions. Please call or chat with our expert if your question is not listed below

To understand what WhatsApp Marketing Campaign is, the first thing you need to comprehend what WhatsApp is, how it works and what its powers are. Simply describing then WhatsApp is a free mobile app that utilizes the internet connection of your phone and allows you to chat, call and video call with other WhatsApp users, without any SMS or calling charges. It also allows you to share files and images as per your need and convenience.
To run WhatsApp Marketing Campaign, you can find different versions of WhatsApp for iPhones, Android Phones, and Windows phone. Web App and Desktop versions of WhatsApp is also available for you but first, having it installed on your mobile phone is must, as every WhatsApp account has to tied directly to a single phone number. After downloading and installing WhatsApp, you should provide the details regarding country and enter your telephone number. Importing your Facebook information is also available to set up your profile, or you can manually add an image, your profile name and activate your WhatsApp account.
As WhatsApp does not provide sell ad space or any business-specific features, it is why very important to be innovative, engaging and interesting in your WhatsApp marketing approach. You ought to include the personal touch in your marketing campaign that lets your consumers interact with their friends and ensures better credibility with the audiences.
Sometimes due to delay in response time, the delivery of messages may take some time, or else normally the messages get delivered within 24 hours.